There are a lot of big things that I like about The Witcher 3. But this game is full of charming moments and cool little details, too.

As I’ve been playing through for a second time, I’ve been paying closer attention to the smaller things. I thought I’d share some of my favorites.

1. Geralt’s shitty sense of humor:

2. This painting Dandelion has up at his tavern:


3. That Geralt tucks his hair into his bear-school armor:

4. The fact that a certain tattoo can carry over from The Witcher 2:


5. That there is a character named “Hierarch Hemmelfart”:

6. This conversation, out of context:

7. That there are actually seven cats outside “The Seven Cats Inn”:


(And that the sign for the inn looks like this):

8. That mutton chops can be “friendly,” and that barbers in the Northern Kingdoms know what a soul patch is:


9. Geralt’s wordless interaction with Nibbles the cat:

10. That you can take too many potions and do a romance scene looking like a corpse:


11. That this is Geralt’s idea of a cunning disguise:

12. That sunrise is at 3AM and gets earlier as you go north:


13. How Yen’s sense of humor is even shittier than Geralt’s:

14. How Geralt sometimes brrr’s his lips at Roach like a horse:

15. Actually, pretty much everything about Roach:


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