This has to be one of the most unfortunate uses of the English language on Japanese television. Ever.

Morning show Miburi TV is a children's dance program hosted by choreographer Sasuga Minami, who teaches new moves to children and wears a peculiar outfit with some very choice lingo. "Miburi" (身振り) means "gesture" in Japanese. The words on her outfit mean much more.

The show itself is incredibly innocuous and looks to be a good program for kids. But, as noted by Twitter users @RobertSpeta and @JustinNorrie, Minami's outfit reads, "I Love Cock," "Pussy," and "Fuck." Those words...aren't so good for kids.

While the word "cock" might slip under the radar (same might be true for "pussy"), the English word "Fuck" is famous in Japan and has a Japanese equivalent ファック or "fakku."

Her outfit, which can be clearly seen throughout the show, does not say she loves "cook."


Most baffling of all is that this doesn't look to be an outfit you can buy off the rack, but rather, it seems to have been created for the show. A costume that the show's host has worn several times since Miburi TV aired late last month.

Someone, it seems, intentionally wrote this on the costume. Odder still that the Japanese equivalent of these words would never ever be allowed on television, let alone kiddy's programming.

Maybe the costume maker didn't know, but geez, how unfortunate!

(Note: the children's faces and names have been blurred to protect their identities.)

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