Perhaps, this gentleman is biting a door handle. Or perhaps, he is eating a door handle made of chocolate.

In Japan, "sokkuri sweets" ("sokkuri" or そっくり means "looks like") are deserts and confectionaries that look like other things. Traditionally, they look like other food—for example, here are some cakes that look exactly like ramen noodles.


On a recent Japanese television program, members of boy band Tokio and other celebrities were shown a room filled with several things that were actually sokkuri sweets—made from chocolate or sugar or whatnot.

The guests had to bite the items that they thought were, in fact, sugary treats.

So is this a shoe or is it sweets?

It's a shoe.

Is this a picture frame or sweets?

A picture frame.

A glass table or a sweet table?

"Crunch." Sweets!

Several kilograms of candy were used to make the "glass," which apparently tastes delicious.

And the table legs?


But what about the calendar?

It's made of calendar.

And the hanger? Surely, that's a chocolate hanger.

Nope! Just a hanger.

This might look like a plant, but it's sokkuri sweets!

The white shoes were shoes, but what about the brown shoes?

Chocolate shoes! The entire shoes are chocolate—even the laces and the stitching.

And this hat?

A chocolate hat! But, what about the door handle?



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