Every year, Japanese publisher, Shueisha, hosts Jump Festa – a convention celebrating its most popular publication, Shonen Jump as a thank you to fans and to give people a little taste of things to come in terms of games, anime, and other assorted media. Also on display (and for sale) are some pretty awesome toys and collectibles.

From accessories and collectibles to models and toys, piles of want were shown at Jump Festa 2014. Some were cute, some were fuzzy, some were cool, and some were downright awesome. Check out some of the goodies they had this year.

Also, most likely thanks to the recent apprehension of the Kuroko's Basketball-hating terrorist suspect, toys and figurines of the popular basketball manga's characters were back on display this year. There was even an entire corner devoted to Kuroko's Basketball paraphernalia. (Unfortunately, due to lighting conditions and the sheer amount of people, we couldn't get many pictures.)

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