Candy Crush Saga players are used to regular content updates adding new levels to the wildly popular game, but today's Dreamworld expansion is something else entirely.

Instead of just another level pack, the Dreamworld expansion, available today across all Candy Crush Saga platforms, takes players into an alternate reality, where they'll replay classic levels in a whole new way.


Along with clearing candies from the screen, players will also have to maintain the balance of one Odus the Owl. His moon is balanced by two candy colors in each of the 30 initial expansion levels. Clear too many of one color, and he'll come tumbling down. Clear in a balanced fashion and you'll activate the game's new Moon Struck power, which clears an entire color from the screen.

The new Dreamworld levels are available today for anyone who has passed level 50 in the game proper. Between this update, Papa Pear Saga on mobile and Farm Heroes Saga on the way, I am juggling far too many sagas.