In Japan, they're making a live-action Patlabor. And so far, it looks great.

Next year will see a 12-part episodic live-action Patlabor, with each episode clocking in at 48 minutes. The following year will usher in a feature film. Famed director Mamoru Oshii, who co-created Patlabor and is noted for The Ghost in the Shell anime, is helming the live-action version.


Website Timeless Dimension has a roundup of Patlabor set photos. Some of them you might have seen. Some of them, perhaps not. Check them out:

Years after its release, Patlabor's tech is quite analog and dated. It was created in an age before prevalent touch screen use. But there's something wonderful about a giant mecha that's powered by switches and buttons. And in the case of this live-action version, comforting.

機動警察 パトレイバー[Timeless Dimension]

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