Some cafes serve good coffee. Others have delicious sweets. For the next three days, this cafe will dish out pervert attacks.

Located in Akihabara, Tokyo's geek district, Cure Maid Cafe is being converted into Punishment Cafe (おしおきカフェ or oshioki kafe) for the next three days.


This is part of a promotion for iOS game Punishment Punch Girl (おしおきパンチガール or Oshioki Panchi Gaaru). Noritaka Funamiza, who used to work on Street Fighter, oversaw the game's development.

The cafe is displaying game concept art and offering Punishment Punch Girl-themed drinks and food. And in keeping with the game's theme, it's also serving up boxing gloves.

Pop stars from idol group Alice Project are on hand to roll special dice for outfits (for example, cheerleader, schoolgirl, etc.) and attacks, such as "Lucky Enchanting Low Kick" or "Skull Pulverization Grinding Attack."

The attacks are soft for female customers, but for male customers, IT Media reports that they are "just a little hard."

我々の業界ではごほうびです 「おしおき☆カフェ」でリアルおしおきを体験してきた [IT Media]

Photos: IT Media, GeeStore

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