Rise and shine Mr. Freeman! Your Tearaway remake probably wouldn't survive City 17, but at least it's cute! Tearaway's character editing tool comes in handy if you want to remake yourself or any video game character, which is of course always irresistible.

Besides a pretty neat Link and Gordon Freeman above, Tearaway players already recreated and shared their versions of other video game characters and heroes... and all of them look... cute.

Finn from Adventure Time looks completely clueless.

Wolverine is really serious, but I won't buy that face.

Attack on Titan's Colossal Titan is ready to eat that fence... or some grass.

Old Snake, from an alternate universe, without having any problems with the past.

Mecha from Gurren Lagann and the Gundam series are 100% cuter as well.

Gotta go fast!

Hulk! Smash!

And the Tearaway version of Pikachu just blows up the cuteness-o-meter with this look.

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