In addition to the one-two punch of Walmart's early Black Friday deals and Amazon Digital's Black Friday discounts starting up, we've also got a new Humble Weekly Bundle bursting at the seams with pinball tables.

If you need to stock up on SD cards, flash drives, or even SSDs, Amazon is running a great deal on Transcend storage, today only.

Vizio 50" Smart LED TV | $450

For the vast majority of people, this is more than enough TV, and for everyone else, it's a great bedroom TV or second TV to compliment the Panasonic Plasma or Epson Projector in your living room. A steal at this price.

We featured a half terabyte SSD yesterday for $300, but the deal didn't last long. Luckily, there's a new one today.

Toshiba Q Series 512GB SSD | $300

Amazon's Subscribe & Save service is perfect for eliminating a few shopping trips every month, and it will generally save you money over brick and mortar prices. If you haven't tried it out yet, Amazon is offering Prime subscribers 30% off their first subscription with coupon code NEWSNS30, now through 12/19.



  • Scoregasm [DRM-Free+Steam] ($1) | From the Developer's Site

Amazon digital have started their Black Friday/holiday deals, dig in.

Of particular note, all things EVE Online are also on rare sale.



The following bundles can be found here and include a bonus $10 PSN credit

  • Flower, Trine 2, Super Motherload Bundle | $38
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall + Season Pass | $80

The following games are available with a bonus $5 PSN credit

  • Shadow Fall
  • Shadow Fall Season Pass
  • Battlefield 4
  • Knack
  • Injustice Ultimate Edition
  • Black Flag Season Pass
  • LEGO Marvel


The following bundles can be found here and include a bonus $10 PSN credit, they are also available separately with $5 PSN credits if you already own part of the bundle.

  • The Last of Us w/ Season Pass | $78
  • Black Flag w/ Season Pass | $72
  • Arkham Origins w/ Season Pass | $77
  • Battlefield 4 w/ Premium | $103
  • Saints Row 4 w/ Season Pass | $58


Xbox One

The following games are available with a bonus $10 Microsoft credit

Xbox 360

Wii U



$50 iTunes Gift Card ($40) | OfficeMax







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