In Today's Phoenix Wright DLC, The Murder Suspect Is... A Whale

Illustration for article titled In Todays emPhoenix Wright/em DLC, The Murder Suspect Is... A Whale

If you have ever wanted to pretend to be a lawyer and defend a whale accused of murder, today is the day for you.

The ridiculous new DLC for Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies—already a ridiculous game—charges you with investigating an aquarium and getting an orca whale off the hook. This a stand-alone case, live right now for $6 on the 3DS, and you can buy it within the main game's menu. You can play it any time after finishing case 1.

Via Capcom, here's the new trailer:

I just bought the new case this morning, so I haven't played enough to be able to give you a solid recommendation yet, but Dual Destinies is one of the best games of the year, so I have high hopes for this whale-defending business.


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