Meet The First Guy To Buy A PlayStation 4

Congrats to this guy, Mr. Joey Chiu, for being the first person in line to buy a PlayStation 4 at Sony's New York PS4 event. He says he's gonna play either Resogun or Knack first, after which he will presumably be going to Disneyland.


Watch the happy fella get his console:

Not bad. And if you were paying attention...

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…that's what winning looks like, folks.

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He was so awkward to watch for me.

But I think it's better he was up there in the front as opposed to someone like me. I can see it now:

"What games are you going to play on it first?"

"...I'm a gaming snob....*shakes head* probably The Last Guardian. You know, whenever."

...Yes, I vastly prefer this good sir to the alternative.