Build yourself an awesome blu-ray collection in one click. Amazon is offering the Best of Warner Bros. 50 Film Collection for $180, which is over $400 off the original retail price, and quite the bargain for 50 amazing films. The last time we listed this (for more), it was one of the most popular items we've ever posted. Includes physical and digital versions.

50 of the Best Movies Ever Made on Blu-ray | $180

XCOM: Enemy Within hits digital shelves tomorrow, but you can take 33% off its price using code GMG25-C5729-7SY25 over at GreenManGaming. [GreenManGaming]

Pre-Order Akira 25th Anniversary | $25 | Ships Tomorrow

Pre-Order Man of Steel Collector's Edition | $44 | Ships Tomorrow

Pre-Order Man of Steel 3D [Blu-ray/UltraViolet | $28 | Ships Tomorrow

Pre-Order Man of Steel [Blu-ray/UltraViolet] | $20 | Ships Tomorrow

Pre-Order Dexter: Complete Series [Blu-ray] | $220 | Ships tomorrow

X-Files Complete + Movies | $90

Tomorrow Buy 2, Get 1 Free PS4 games on Amazon

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon ET, Amazon will have buy 2, get 1 free select PS4 games for a limited time. We will post a reminder between 11-11:30am ET.


Target is having a similar buy 2, get 1 free promotion, but for all games. However, selection is limited online, and people are having varying results using the promo on in store for PS4 games.

Toys R Us is also doing a promotion where buying any 3 games gets you a $50 gift card. This is in-store only, and again, you're likely to run into stock issues/PS4 limitations.

Finally, Best Buy is doing a similar promotion where buying 3 PS4 games nets you a $25 gift card, but many titles are already sold out online.

PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi ($160) | Radio Shack

Wii U Wind Waker Bundle w/ $25 Gift Card | Walmart

You can also choose the Nintendo Land Bundle, but come on.

Razor Naga 2014 | $70

One of your favorite gaming mice at a killer price.

Nine Classic Kurt Vonnegut Kindle Books | $2/each | Today Only

1 Pound of Dice | $18

For when you need to........................ roll deep.





Xbox 360

Wii U









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