Like lots of other people, YouTube dude Moonlight Swami pre-ordered an Xbox One. Unlike lots of other people, he just got his. And he's sharing loads of info about the console right now.

Like eBay user priceless228, Moonlight Swami claims to have gotten his Target pre-order of Microsoft's next-gen console two weeks before it's supposed to make its big debut. Too bad it won't play any games without that crucial DayOne firmware update.


Update: Moonlight Swami appears to have downloaded that Day One update and has been feverishly updating his Twitter feed with info. He’s excited:

He’s downloaded the system’s mandatory day-one update:

He’s sizing up games on the marketplace:

… including Killer Instinct:

He’s taking a tour of the system:

Take a look at the dashboard. Panel is custom color

— #1 Source 4 XBOX ONE (@Moonlightswami) November 9, 2013

He’s doing noise tests:

Okay, he is REALLY excited!

And he’s not the only lucky gamer tonight?

Update #2: Moonlight Swami's unboxing video has been removed from YouTube.

Update #3: And here's the first look of the inside of an Xbox One game box. The game shown is Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Update #4: Microsoft appears to have banned his console. We've reached out to Microsoft for comment about this.

It appears that he's been hit with a console ban but not a ban of his Xbox Live account/Gamertag.

Update #5, 11/9, 9:00 AM:

Update #6, 11/9, 11:30 PM: Xbox Live spokesman Larry Hryb has reached out to this gamer, offering to help sort out the matter. On NeoGAF, Hryb said "his console will not be permabanned, that is for sure."

Update #7, 11/10, 12:55 PM: The unboxing video is no longer restricted on YouTube and is viewable again.

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