Riley is the exception. For too long, dogs - who are meant to be our best friends - have been portrayed as annoying video game villains, foes able to dodge bullets and who take a crummy QTE or two to see off. In Total War: Rome II, that's not the case.

For once, you can be in control of the guys with the legions of killer dogs, as the Roman faction has War Dogs as a unit. A pack of big, strong puppies which on command can be unleashed, tearing across the battlefield to rip someone else's throat out. They are as awesome as they sound, even if this video makes them look a lot happier and cuter than they come off in the final game.


The clip below is an animation showreel from Gabriele Coen, who worked on the game at Creative Assembly. He also animated units for Shogun II.

You can see more of Gabriele's work at his personal site.

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