How To Bring An Award-Winning D&D Board Game To The iPad

Back in August, mobile board and card game experts Playdek announced they'd be bringing Wizards of the Coast's award-winning Dungeons & Dragons-based board game Lords of Waterdeep to iOS. It's coming out later this month, and this is how it plays.


Note the various AI player options. That's why I love Playdek. The only thing that's kept me from ordering a physical copy of Lords of Waterdeep is never finding myself in a social situation where I could play it. Well, problem solved. I can just play with fake people. They generally smell better anyway.


Lords of Waterdeep is coming to the iPad and iPhone later this month. I'd offer to play multiplayer with you, but that's hardly the point.

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I wish they would bring turn based D&D adventures for PC and consoles. I mean with proper rules and all that. Would be cool when you don't have people to play the actual P&P version or when nobody wants to be a DM. :)

Temple of Elemental Evil was pretty good for trying this.