One of the best PC games ever made is Sid Meier's Colonization. A big part of that is the way it simulates the great unknown: as you venture westwards, unless you're playing on the boring "real" map, you're truly venturing into the great unknown.

Few games have managed to copy that success, most recently Paradox's otherwise excellent Europa Universalis IV, which was robbed of much of the excitement of expansion by the fact that, even with a fog of war, you already knew where the Americas were, and what they'd look like once you got there.

So it's awesome to hear that the game's first major expansion does away with this, and seeks to recreate much of the Colonisation experience, albeit now with a lot more buttons. Conquest of Paradise, as it's called, will randomly generate the new world, meaning you really do have to get off your butt and explore, since you have no idea what you'll find on the other side (provided you're playing as a European, at least).


If you'd rather play as a Native American, you can, with extra nations, buildings and options available, the ultimate goal being to get everyone together and drive those weird white guys with guns back into the ocean.

It's out on December 11, alongside one of Paradox's great big patches. There's more specific info below.

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