Fans Trash Call Of Duty Booth At Games Expo

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Someone at Activision thought it would be a good idea to hand out $200 editions of the next Call of Duty game to the first 500 people who could get to the game's booth at the Milan Games Week. No other rules. Just get there first. Surprise: it was not a good idea.

Not sure what the organisers were thinking, but accounts from the showroom floor say that after a civil enough start, as the crowd got bigger hundreds of people went crazy, rushing the booth. In the process, they trashed the thing, so badly that it had to be closed down.

A reporter from Italy's Il Messaggero newspaper was there, and says that while caught in the crowd they were kicked, shoved and slapped.


You can see some of the resulting damage in the clip below.

GamesWeek 2013, la febbre di Call of Duty: Ghosts Prestige Edition danneggia lo stand [Il Messaggero, via Go Nintendo]

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This isn't limited to Call of Duty at all. It's a very common 'crowd mentality' response. This would have the exact same results if there was a stand giving out free Doritos and Mountain Dew to the first 500 people there.