14 Years Later, Unseen Footage Of The Nintendo 64 Kid's Freakout Emerges

As part of an interview with Mashable, Brandon and Rachel Kuzma—the kids at the centre of the famous "Nintendo Sixty-Fooouuurrrr" Christmas video—have shared some extra footage of that infamous morning that until now hasn't been seen.

It shows Mrs. Kuzma revealing that, to go with the system, two games have been hired for the kids to play. One is Goldeneye. Brandon is pleased.


The interview's good reading, as it shows what the pair are up to these days. Brandon is making skate videos and works for online streetwear retailer Karmaloop, while Rachel lives in Florida where she's a photographer.

The Nintendo 64 Kids Are All Grown Up [Mashable]

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Damien Fate

GoldenEye was the reason I purchased the N64 (which was actually my first Nintendo console). Absolutely some of the best gaming memories of my childhood were spent with three friends hunting eachother down in multiplayer.

Diddy Kong Racing and Mario 64 were obvious favourites too.