14 Minutes Of The Super-Slick Star Citizen In Action

We've long known that the outer-space sim Star Citizen looks gorgeous; that's a big part of the reason the PC game's developers have managed to raise more than $40 million in crowdfunding. At this weekend's PAX East convention in Boston, Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts demoed a bunch of new footage of the game in action.


This video, pulled together by YouTuber kigamitya, consists of all of the in-game scenes showed at the Star Citizen presentation at PAX East. There's also a second, shorter video of multiplayer, which you can watch here:

Bear in mind that this game is still very much in-development, but even after taking that into consideration... my, does it look nice. I'm with the crowd on this one: Whoo-hoo.

(via Reddit)



just me or did that look terrible?

I'm being honest here with the millions of dollars being funneled into this game and this is the first thing they think is a good thing to show everyone?

jeez this might end up being the game that kills kickstarter..