It's always pretty clean and well-lit in Star Wars movies, isn't it? Even a place as wretched as the Mos Eisley cantina seems like it wouldn't have a problem passing a health code inspection. So, where does all the dirt go in the Skywalker-verse? Apparently, it's all going into Star Wars 1313.


The video above has developers from LucasArts talking about all the work going into the upcoming game to make it feel like the dankest, dirtiest section of the galaxy, a place where Jedi don't belong. One guy even says they're riffing on Dante's Inferno. The production art shown in the clip looks lovely in a very grim way. And, there's a poor droid who's had his head cut off and guts set on hire. Hopefully, players will get the chance to avenge him.

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