13-Year-Old Kid Makes Impressive Manga Debut

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The March issue of shojo manga magazine Margaret features the debut of a new artist named Nana Hoshiki. She created a 16-page manga called Inshin no Yuki (音信の雪) or Tidings of Snow. Hoshiki is only thirteen and already shojo manga fans are impressed.


The manga’s lede image is making the rounds on Twitter so that people can see just how good Hoshiki is.

People are so dazzled that they are running out and buying the manga just to read her debut. The verdict seems to be that not only is she a good artist, but a good storyteller. Tidings of Snow, which is a great title, is getting high marks for being interesting, too.

There is a precedent for teenage manga artist debuts. Machiko Satonaka, for example, debuted when she was 16 and went on to have a successful career. But 13?

“In my long life as a manga editor, I’ve never seen a 13-year-old like this,” wrote Tomofumi Arito, a veteran manga editor at publisher Shogakukan. “Truly incredible.”


On Twitter, other comments included:

“She’s only in the first year of junior high!”

“She’s a genius.”

“I want her to continue on!”

“That’s frightening she’s this good at 13!”

“Gonna go buy this.”

“She’s the same age as my son...!”

“Damn she’s good.”

Hopefully, this is just a taste of what’s to come from Hoshiki.


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