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12 Things You Might Not Know About Team Fortress 2

The Team Fortress 2 that we know and love underwent a ton of changes during development—enough that it's fascinating to look back on the rich history of the game, if not the franchise itself.


DYKGaming/Normal Boot's informative video series is back, this time touching on awesome Team Fortress trivia such as:

  • Which class is based on a glitch
  • How the franchise started as a modified version of Quake made by Australian college students
  • How/when Valve got interested in the project
  • The visual changes that Team Fortress 2 went through before release and where the current visuals take inspiration from
  • How the game used to have classes called 'commander,' 'officer' and 'instructor'—and how all these classes functioned
  • What Team Fortress 2 was almost called
  • How the devs made 3 versions of the game before settling on the current one—and how one of these versions was essentially humans versus aliens
  • How the game used to feature way more grenades, but they were taken out because people might spam them too much
  • Which class was tweaked so as to avoid racism
  • What some unused music sounds like
  • Explanation of what some of the game's bigger references are
  • How there's a small chance the scout's death will result in a dove

Personally, I love it when glitches are embraced by developers and then actively incorporated into the game—reminds me of how Street Fighter's combo system started out as a glitch, too.

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"Did you know that TF2 wasn't always a hat simulator or whatever other craziness they do now. It USED to be a fun FPS / Competitive FPS!"