12 Minutes of The Evil Within Footage Will Have You Crying for Mommy

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Hardly a word gets spoken in the first few minutes of this Evil Within gameplay footage. And, really, what needs to be said?


Some of what's shown here appears to be what Kotaku's Richard Eisenbeis saw at the Tokyo Game Show last week. The first chunk of gameplay on display here is mostly atmospherics, while the section that starts at 7:57 has more combat-oriented sequences. The game looks damn good, though, and even these truncated glimpses are enough to fill you with dread that something awful is going to happen at any second. More and more, it seems like The Evil Within will be a title where one of the originators of the survival horror genre returns to give a master class in making players squirm in their seats.



This basically looks like the director's cut of RE4...or, not so much Director's Cut, more the original vision (hallucinations, fog, hookman, etc).

So yeah, RE4 + Silent Hill + some sort of Cthuluesque style horrors with an asian horror twist.

It could be very good. But the video still shows off that it's kind of stuck in the old formulas. Not necessarily a bad thing if the game carries itself right and doesn't overdo the cliches, or gives them good enough twists...but the game has a lot of potential to go wrong.

Also, the shooting mechanics seem slightly off (as does the player's aim), and the character seems quite sluggish (dare I say...tanky?).