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Twelve Goldeneye 007 Glitches You Might Not Know About

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Secret agent James Bond doesn't just have gadgets and charm at his disposal. He can also count on a number of glitch advantages in Goldeneye—glitches which you can replicate in your own game.

A+Start has broken down a number of cool and interesting glitches in Goldeneye, including:

  • How to use Bond's disjointed arm as a weapon
  • How to get enemies that can't fire rockets at you anymore
  • How to get back into the vents in the facility
  • How to float on air with the help of stairs
  • How to fire tank shells without actually being in the tank
  • How to make objects and soldiers look like they're defying the laws of gravity
  • How to make some guards turn yellow
  • How to make certain weapons float in the air
  • How to make it seem like James Bond has three different arms
  • How to make certain cutscenes freak the heck out
  • How to make Trevelyan invincible (not sure why you'd want to do this, but it's possible!)
  • How to "cartridge tilt" Goldeneye on the N64, which makes all characters glitch out

I dunno that I'd try cartridge tilting given that it can mess your game up, but it's certainly tempting!

Have you guys encountered any of these glitches before? Let us know in the comments.


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