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10 Minutes Of Brutal Viking Battle In Ubisoft’s For Honor

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Out on Feb 14, 2017, here’s a good chunk of gameplay from Ubisoft’s upcoming action game, For Honor. Specifically, we’re looking at a campaign mission where vikings try to lay siege on a samurai stronghold.

The combat is the main focus of the demo, and it looks like players will have all sorts of options, depending on the faction they are playing. As a viking, for example, you can be a “raider.” In this specific instance, the raider uses an axe to savage his enemies. Though the battles are large-scale and happen all around you, you can focus on specific enemies for one-on-one melee combat. Once focused, you can change between stances and fighting styles all of which seem pretty intense. You can also use your environment to your advantage—at one point during this demo, the viking pushes a samurai into some spikes.

The point of all the bloodshed? To open the gates of the castle, so you can let your vikings in to collect important survival supplies.


And just in case you forgot, For Honor also has knights, because fuck historical accuracy, this is a video game, man!