Happy Easter, everybody! I’m guessing not many people will be choosing to read the Internet today instead of testing the limits of human chocolate consumption, but just in case, here are some amazing video-game-themed Easter eggs I found on the Internet. Some of them even come with instructions.

Enjoy the weekend. See you on the other side.

(A whole selection of amazing Mario eggs)

(Cutest wee Portal and Gordon Freeman eggs)


(This one was created for a Kotaku contest, back in the mists of time)

(Some of a great many cool Pokemon eggs on the Internet)


(Cute Sonic eggs by EllyTheGee)

(Street Fighter eggs. Well, except that one, I have no idea what that one is)


(Couldn’t pick just one picture of these amazing Zelda creations, by Znuese)

(Smash Bros eggs by Red-Flare)


(More amazing Portal eggs by Epbot)

(Bonus Futurama eggs)

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