10 Countries That Have Blocked YouTube (And Why)

Past or present, some countries haven't been too happy with YouTube. Or, more accurately, with certain content that they've found on there. Which, if you really wanted to, you could probably find all sorts of offensive videos on there to get ban-worthy mad at. In Tina Country, for instance, there are only cute cat and dog videos on YouTube.


Alltime10s have collected 10 countries that have banned YouTube at one point of time or another, and explain the history behind the bans. The countries listed are: Brazil, Turkey, Germany, Libya, Thailand, Turkmenistan, China, North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan.

Not surprisingly some examples include some form of sexual scandal or political conflicts.

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You've got to include Venezuela for some time in the recent weeks YouTube access was restricted, same goes for Twitter =/ The government of Venezuela kept denying the access was blocked, but believe me I was there and it happens on a daily basis for just a few minutes, and who knows... maybe in the near future it will be a permanent ban if the situation keeps de-evolving over there =(