$1 Peggle "Hacked" The iPhone Store

If you took advantage of the crazy $1 Peggle sale that took place last week, congratulations. You're not just the proud owner of one of the best casual games around. You were also part of an experiment.


See, dropping the game's price to $1 can be seen as part-experiment, part-protest on the part of developers PopCap. As any iPhone owner will know, the device's App Store charts are skewed heavily towards cheap, disposable apps; you'll often see $1 games clogging them up while better, more expensive games (with lower sales) languish unseen.

Case in point: before the sale, Peggle was sitting at around #60 on the App Store game charts. And after the sale? Peggle was sitting pretty at #1, having sold "nearly as many units in those four days as they had in the 3 weeks afters the game's launch".

While it makes for a poignant statement on the way the App Store is structured, doesn't it also make a good argument for pricing the game at $1 permanently?

‘Peggle' iPhone's Meteoric AppStore Boost [MTV]

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