1/19/2015: A Terrible Realization

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Poor Luigi.

I mean...

Illustration for article titled 1/19/2015: A Terrible Realization

What would you do if you saw doodles of yourself placed in seemingly random places? I'd be pretty freaked out, too, as Completely Serious Comics shows here.

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Greg the Mad

Reminds me of the Evangelion Movies, they're supposed to be a independent remake of the series, but ... Then why is the ocean red? ... Why is there blood on the moon?! Why is the story so different?!

It gotta be one of those "it's a circle, but your not supposed to know that it's a circle yet" things, like the Matrix. Like The legend of Zelda.

What if Mario is like Link? A reincarnation of a legendary hero? Or maybe something more modern? Mario is in a coma/mind prison, and relives his glory-days in various permutations?

How deep does the rabbit hole of this child-friendly jump and run go!?!? D: