2K Sports has a Five-Year Deal With the WWE, and Its First Game Will…

In an interview published this morning by ESPN, 2K Sports and World Wrestling Entertainment discussed their exclusive, five-year contract arising from THQ's bankruptcy and dissolution, and said the next WWE professional wrestling simulation should launch during its traditional fall release window this year. » 2/20/13 11:00am 2/20/13 11:00am

It's Official: 2K Will Make WWE Video Games From Now On

As was rumored during the breakup and selloff of THQ, Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of 2K Sports, will take over the license to make WWE video games. Documents filed today in court say Take-Two, THQ and Yuke's, the Japanese company which developed the wrestling games for THQ, have come to an agreement… » 2/13/13 7:45pm 2/13/13 7:45pm

Wrestling Faces a Long Comeback After THQ's Bankruptcy

If there's truth in advertising, then three weeks ago, 2K Sports was looking at changing its name to the singular form. Major League Baseball 2K was justifiably believed to be a dead series; the company had canceled online support for legacy titles like All-Pro Football 2K8, College Hoops 2K8 and Top Spin 4. Outside… » 1/27/13 4:30pm 1/27/13 4:30pm

Four Stories to Follow in a Pivotal New Year for Sports Video Gaming

2K Sports hasn't said specifically when its infamous exclusive pact with Major League Baseball ends, but it's a good bet that day comes on Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013.

If someone picks up that license, it'll be the first big story of the year for sports video gaming. If no one picks up that license, it'll be even bigger. » 12/30/12 6:35pm 12/30/12 6:35pm

Yuke's Tells Double D Dodgeball Players To Get Bent

Yuke's wants players of their Xbox Live Arcade release to get bent. Their all-new "Get Bent" downloadable content pack is now available, featuring two new arenas and new player class, the Curver. The Curver can of course curve the ball, and also comes with a special shot that makes the ball invisible, which is sure… » 9/17/08 12:20pm 9/17/08 12:20pm