Sony & Yahoo Survey Says Games Are Good For Kids Development

In June, Yahoo's 'lifestyle' site Shine hosted a Sony Online Entertainment survey into the gaming habits of US families. As well as the heart-warming finding that 87% of parents regularly play videogames with their children, the survey also looked at how parents perceived their child's development being affected by… »10/16/08 9:30pm10/16/08 9:30pm

Yahoo! Japan Polls Interest In Buying Metal Gear Solid 4

For Metal Solid 4, Sony has system seller expectations! Many current PS3 owners are already planning on purchasing MGS4, but Sony is also hoping that the PS3 exclusive will move consoles. No doubt it will, but how many? Obviously, we won't know that until the post-launch retail data comes rolling in, but this Yahoo!… »6/05/08 2:00am6/05/08 2:00am