Dying in Game: What’s the Weirdest Way to Go?

It was Nietzsche that wrote, "What does not kill me makes me stronger". In reality, that's regularly true. When it comes to videogames, it really depends on how you are about to be killed. In some cases, dying is part of the learning process. In other games, your demise will only result in a minor punishment, or have… » 2/26/15 8:00am 2/26/15 8:00am

XCOM: The Board Game Works – You, Your Friends and a Table vs the UFOs

In real life Toby's a database guy for Goldman Sachs. Tonight, he's XCOM's Chief Scientist and he's spending worryingly large amounts of our money. » 1/30/15 4:30am 1/30/15 4:30am

New RPG Is A Love Letter To Fallout, XCOM & FTL

It's called Bedlam, and it's a post-apocalyptic RPG with Fallout's ramshackle vibe, XCOM-style gameplay, and gorgeously detailed animated art. There's also permadeath, marauders, mutants, and cyborgs. I like all of those things! » 9/25/14 7:30pm 9/25/14 7:30pm

10 Things I Learned Acting Out XCOM In Real Life

The new XCOM board game sounds phenomenal, but last month I played a different kind of XCOM board game. Watch the Skies was a day-long game run by the UK Society of Megagame Makers. "Megagame" is a name that doesn't disappoint—each one features dozens of players controlling small parts of a massive story. » 8/26/14 12:00pm 8/26/14 12:00pm

OK, The XCOM Board Game Sounds Awesome

While the idea of a co-op XCOM board game sounded great, the fact it required use of an app turned a lot of people - myself included - off. Well, maybe I was being premature, because it turns out calling it an "app" is doing it a disservice. » 8/19/14 9:30pm 8/19/14 9:30pm

Like XCOM, But In The Wild West? You Have My Attention.

"In a nutshell, Hard West is a turn-based squad tactical with adventurous world exploration. Think X-Com combat with Heroes of Might and Magic world map". Well hello there perfect game description. » 8/10/14 8:30pm 8/10/14 8:30pm

Check Out All The Goodies That Come With The New XCOM Board Game

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is coming to Google Play and the Amazon Appstore "soon," according to the game's official Twitter account. This is great news for all the mobile gamers out there who've long felt the sting of not owning an iPhone or iPad. Not only is Enemy Unknown one of Kotaku's all-time favorite ways to kill… » 4/23/14 1:00pm 4/23/14 1:00pm

XCOM's Creator Wants To Make A New Strategy Game

Julian Gollop, the Bulgaria-based designed best known for creating the original XCOM game, has just launched a Kickstarter for a new "wizard tactics" game called Chaos Reborn. » 3/17/14 6:30pm 3/17/14 6:30pm

Attention XCOM Fans: Check out this very cool PC Gamer breakdown of Zemalf's incredible impossible-difficulty Ironman run in XCOM: Enemy Within. The guy made it through the entire game on its highest difficulty with no saves and zero casualties of any sort. Zero. » 1/31/14 8:06pm 1/31/14 8:06pm

Enemy Within, the expansion set to XCOM: Enemy Unknown added new character customization: Hair styles, color combinations—and a 1950s fedora. The result above (you can call him Fedora Mech) is the strangest—or coolest—looking soldier XCOM has ever seen. » 11/18/13 8:30am 11/18/13 8:30am

XCOM: Enemy Within Comes Out Tomorrow, Get it for 33% off

XCOM: Enemy Within hits digital shelves tomorrow, but you can take 33% off its price using code GMG25-C5729-7SY25 over at GreenManGaming. [GreenManGaming] » 11/11/13 4:05pm 11/11/13 4:05pm

XCOM: Enemy Within: The Kotaku Review

Few things fill me with dread like the first terror response mission in XCOM. Kidney stones, for sure. The DMV. But that terror mission—which costs you a nation on the spot if you flunk it—comes when your force is young and underpowered. I know I'm gonna lose someone. I'm probably gonna lose two someones. » 11/11/13 11:00am 11/11/13 11:00am

XCOM's Top Soldier Finally Gets To Kick Some Ass

If we can't see Council Man himself rolling up his sleeves and throwing the hell down, then Central Officer Bradford pistol whipping some bastard-ass traitor in XCOM: Enemy Within will have to do. » 10/09/13 5:00pm 10/09/13 5:00pm

XCOM Has Changed. See For Yourself.

Strategy games have a tendency to straddle an area between slow, decisive moves and the chaos of action happening seemingly out of your hands and all around you. Some strategy games are slower-paced than others. As tense as things can get in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it’s more or less leaned towards the ease of turn-based… » 10/09/13 8:00am 10/09/13 8:00am

The Bureau Adds New XCOM Missions Next Week, but Only for Xbox 360

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified regroups on the Xbox 360 with its first new downloadable missions, which will be exclusive to that platform. In it, players will explore events before the extraterrestrial attack on Groom Range that kicked off the main game's story. » 10/02/13 12:00pm 10/02/13 12:00pm

Sounds Like Aliens Will Invade Your Base in XCOM: Enemy Within

The 30 new achievements for XCOM: Enemy Within—the expansion for last year's XCOM: Enemy Unknown—slipped out to Steam a couple of weeks ago, but only now have I noticed what they describe. From the list, we can assume that a Base Defense mission is returning to the series. » 9/28/13 5:00pm 9/28/13 5:00pm

See XCOM's New Super Soldiers in Action

It figures that right after I write my hands-on preview of XCOM: Enemy Within, Firaxis would then release the video of its PAX closed-doors demonstration. (Video during my playthrough was forbidden.) Well, it's worth the double-dip, because you can see some things I forgot to mention. » 9/04/13 11:00am 9/04/13 11:00am

XCOM Isn't Any Easier in Enemy Within, but It Is More Thrilling

You'd think being given not one, but two hulking mecha-soldiers, for whom cover is a moot point because they can't use it, would at least reduce the relentless battlefield tension that distinguishes XCOM. It doesn't. » 9/03/13 11:00am 9/03/13 11:00am