Wrestlers know they're in trouble when the Squirtle Squad, a group of Pokémon abandoned by their trainers, enter a professional wrestling tournament. The WWE 2k14 character generator has no limits. » 3/27/14 8:30am 3/27/14 8:30am

Pro Wrestling Is So Much Better With Sonic and Gabe Newell

We've already seen great characters created using WWE 2k14's deep character creation toolkit, but why stick to superheroes when the possibilities are endless? So Jerma on YouTube went completely crazy and created an entire tournament with characters that are just out of this world. » 3/12/14 9:20am 3/12/14 9:20am

Conan O'Brien Plays WWE 2K14, Calls His Character an A**hole

There's no better way to beat The Rock than with a custom, skinny Conan character. Conan O'Brien is back with "Clueless Gamer" and this time he plays WWE 2K14. I'm glad they've spent time with the game's best feature: character customization. » 3/07/14 9:30am 3/07/14 9:30am

Wrestling Game Or Greatest Super-Hero Game Ever?

One of the WWE series' longstanding virtues is its deep character creation toolkit, which fans have used to create all sorts of wrestlers who don't appear in the main game's roster. Such as Captain America, and Wolverine, and Spider-Man. » 11/05/13 12:10pm 11/05/13 12:10pm

WWE 2K14: The Kotaku Review

Twenty-five years ago my best friend and I set up a wrestling ring in my basement—four barstools for the turnbuckles, some old mattresses for the canvas. The actual wrestling we did was hesitant, unplanned and uncompelling. But man, the stuff we did out of the ring makes me smile to this day. » 11/04/13 4:48pm 11/04/13 4:48pm

The good news is there's going to be a lot of extra stuff in WWE 2K14. The bad news is they want you to buy a $20 season pass for it. Three packs contain extra wrestlers—including the NWO—and others will have customization options and loads of extra wrestling moves. Details here and in this video. » 10/21/13 9:20am 10/21/13 9:20am

A Possibly-Drunk Ric Flair Made This WWE 2K14 Panel Extra-Entertaining

The best thing 2K Sports has done for pro wrestling games so far is assemble this incredible panel consisting of Jim Ross, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan (he was robbed last night!), Rey Mysterio, Steve Austin, Paul Heyman, Mick Foley and a seemingly intoxicated Ric Flair. Jump about 40 minutes in for the good stuff. » 8/19/13 5:45pm 8/19/13 5:45pm

Here's the Roster for '30 Years of Wrestlemania' in WWE 2K14

When it announced a special campaign mode this week, WWE 2K14 hinted the game's roster would be the largest ever by virtue of the fact more than 45 classic bouts would be featured in "30 Years of Wrestlemania." The question was how many wrestlers would be making repeat appearances to fill out that card. » 8/18/13 11:30am 8/18/13 11:30am

Gay Wrestler to Make His Video Game Debut in WWE 2K14

In about three hours, 2K Sports will reveal the roster for the "30 Years of Wrestlemania" mode in WWE 2K14. The main roster hasn't been revealed yet, but 2K has said it will include Darren Young, the openly gay wrestler who this week had one of the most understated coming-outs, especially for a sports figure. » 8/17/13 12:00pm 8/17/13 12:00pm

A Huge Roster Delivers '30 Years of Wrestlemania' to WWE 2K14

WWE 2K14 will deliver more than 45 all-time great bouts and a roster loaded with Wrestlemania's greatest superstars in a showcase mode that pays tribute to three decades of wrestling's premier spectacle. » 8/12/13 11:00am 8/12/13 11:00am

It's Official: The Ultimate Warrior is Gonna Tear Up WWE 2K14

Rumored last week when an ad appeared in WWE magazine, it's now official: The Ultimate Warrior will be making his first-ever appearance in the 13-year run of what is now called WWE 2K14. The catch is he's only being offered—for now one guesses—as a preorder incentive. » 7/15/13 9:40am 7/15/13 9:40am

Rumor: Ultimate Warrior Returning to WWE's Flagship Game Franchise

Not in the 13-year history of the Smackdown/Smackdown vs. Raw/WWE/WWE 2K series has The Ultimate Warrior—one of professional wrestling's most intense, controversial, and just plain weird superstars—made an appearance. Apparently that will change with WWE 2K14. » 7/07/13 2:00pm 7/07/13 2:00pm

Here's Your First Look at WWE Under 2K Sports

Different publisher, same developer. 2K Sports picked up the WWE franchise from THQ during the bankrupted publisher's firesale back in Japan. The game revealed its cover art on Monday night, dropping this trailer later. » 6/26/13 1:00pm 6/26/13 1:00pm

Add WWE 2K14 to the list of sports video games with no announced Wii U version. (NBA 2K14 is "TBA," says Take-Two.) No Madden, no FIFA, no NCAA, no NHL. Will the Wii U see any sports titles? » 5/15/13 11:00am 5/15/13 11:00am

2K Sports has a Five-Year Deal With the WWE, and Its First Game Will…

In an interview published this morning by ESPN, 2K Sports and World Wrestling Entertainment discussed their exclusive, five-year contract arising from THQ's bankruptcy and dissolution, and said the next WWE professional wrestling simulation should launch during its traditional fall release window this year. » 2/20/13 11:00am 2/20/13 11:00am