Samsung Flies a Nomadic Namibian to Korean Video Games Olympics in Exploitative Stunt

Cwi Nqani's brush with video game greatness could've been mapped on the plot points of The Air Up There, Cool Runnings or The Gods Must Be Crazy or really any shallow movie where people from different cultures collide in an explosion of hilarity. As reported by CNN, the 32-year-old was selling his rural ethnic… »12/13/11 1:00pm12/13/11 1:00pm


America's Best To Compete At The World Cyber Games Final In LA

Over 200 of America's best video gamers will be invited to the Los Angeles Convention Center this weekend to battle it out at the World Cyber Games USA 2008 National Final. There will be many prizes, including cold hard cash, but twenty-five lucky gold and silver finalists will earn roster spots on gaming's own Team… »10/02/08 8:00pm10/02/08 8:00pm

Bottled Food Becomes Official Grub of World Cyber Games USA

Now this is odd. I've heard of energy bars and drinks "designed" specifically with gamers in mind, but food? Isn't that called pizza? Not according to Gamer Grub which just announced that they have been named the official snack supplier of the World Cyber Games USA 2008. That means they will be providing their brand… »10/02/08 12:00pm10/02/08 12:00pm