The Pancake Dead

Pancake art is a thing. It's just the world we live in now. That said I'm impressed anyone can coax recognisable images of The Walking Dead cast out of eggs, flour and milk. » 10/15/14 6:00am 10/15/14 6:00am

Zombie Invasion on Subway Leads To Online Complaining

Public transportation solves many problems in urban environments. Subways make commuting to work a whole lot more convenient, but what happens when you introduce a group of zombies onto mass transit? Well, as a group of 30 zombies found out in Wuhan, China, a little bit of panic and a little bit of rubbernecking. » 9/15/14 6:00am 9/15/14 6:00am

Old Game Boy Ads Weren't Exactly Family Friendly

Nintendo's cultivated an image as the most squeaky clean creator on game company block, but it wasn't always that way. And by that I mean the '90s were weird, you guys. » 9/08/14 6:30pm 9/08/14 6:30pm

Cactuar Proposes To Girlfriend

I'm not sure what's going on. This is probably the third romance related stunt to happen in China in recent weeks. What makes this one special though, is that it involves a "Cactuar" in the middle of Beijing. » 8/21/14 4:00am 8/21/14 4:00am

Smartphone Gamer Dragged Through the Subway

Last week an incident broke out in the Beijing subway system. A young woman got into an altercation with her apparent boyfriend over a mobile phone game, it seems. The end result: she dragged the man onto a subway train. But was this just a PR stunt? » 8/18/14 6:00am 8/18/14 6:00am

Soldiers Try Charming Women with Push Ups

When some male animals attract mates, they often present themselves in a way that shows off their virility. This form of mating ritual is often called peacocking, and it appears that in China's military speed dating circles, it's done through push-ups. » 7/28/14 6:00am 7/28/14 6:00am

13 of the Weirdest Computer Mice We've Ever Seen

No, China's Depressed Youth Do Not Keep Cabbages As Pets

Imaginary pets are cool. I'm not knocking them down. Kids with pet rocks, you keep on trucking. What I'm here to say today is that the latest weird photos coming out China are not a trend. Lonely Chinese youths aren't walking cabbage pets. » 5/05/14 6:00am 5/05/14 6:00am

Chinese Movie Poster is Advertising the Wrong Thing

Every year, less than 50 foreign movies are allowed to be shown in theaters in China. Transcendence happens to be one movie that's allowed in China this year, but looking at its marketing materials, one might think that it's Johnny Depp shilling something other than a movie. » 4/21/14 4:00am 4/21/14 4:00am

A Look At China's Dizzying "Rubik's Cube" Buildings

Architecture is art. Some buildings are just cool to look at. Others are mesmerising and hypnotic, like one compound in East China's Jiangsu province, which has been dubbed by Chinese netizens as the "magical Rubik's compound". » 3/24/14 7:00am 3/24/14 7:00am

How Weird is Your Video Game Store? Not This Weird.

Most times, when you go to a game store, it’s likely to the blandest of interactions. Jingle that doorbell, chat up the people working there, trade some stuff in and make a purchase. But, all in all, you might not know the people in the store really well. After watching this indie film, you might decide that that’s a… » 3/12/14 5:00pm 3/12/14 5:00pm

Naked Buddhas Attack! Attack On Buddha?!

In Attack on Titan, humanity is on the verge of extinction brought upon by giant naked humanoids called Titans. Well in Jinan, in North China's Shandong province, the cartoon world may be merging with the real world according to recent sightings of giant, naked butthas. » 1/20/14 7:30am 1/20/14 7:30am

eSports Owner Vanishes and Top Starcraft Player Says He's Owed $23,000

The 23-year-old CEO of a leading eSports team has been missing since Dec. 17 and his team's top StarCraft 2 player says he's owed $23,000 in unpaid salary and prize money, The Daily Dot reports. » 1/04/14 11:14am 1/04/14 11:14am

Someone Stuck an Xbox One at the Bottom of a Shark Tank in New Zealand

Sorry, New Zealand—you are not the site of the first Xbox One to be sold in the world, despite this promotional stunt involving an Auckland aquarium. About 150 folks already have theirs and didn't have to swim to the bottom of a shark tank for it. » 11/13/13 1:16pm 11/13/13 1:16pm

Creepy Suspect Blamed for Electronics Going Haywire

Crime is a constant feature of video games writing. Somewhere, someone is doing something illicit with them—sometimes comically stupid, sometimes tragic. Kotaku's Police Blotter is here to round up the latest in games crime. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. » 10/20/13 4:30pm 10/20/13 4:30pm

Whac-a-Mole's Inventor Linked to Weird Experimental Fuel Explosion

This happened in Florida, of course, where Aaron Fechter, creator of Whac-a-Mole and Chuck E. Cheese's "Rock-a-Fire Explosion" animatronic band, owns a warehouse. On Thursday, it went kaboom, and cops say an experimental fuel called "Carbohydrillium" is to blame. » 9/28/13 1:00pm 9/28/13 1:00pm