Disappointing Game & Wario "Crowdfarter" Campaign Lacks Actual Farts [Update]

I'm just saying. I'M JUST SAYING. If you're going to call the promotional campaign for your game a "Crowdfarter" and talk ceaselessly about farts, said promotional campaign had best feature some actual flatulence. In that respect, Game & Wario's goofy new promotional campaign is a disappointment. »5/20/13 2:00pm5/20/13 2:00pm

Wario Shows Us Some Creative Things The Wii U Controller Can Do

Leave it to Mario's evil doppelganger to demonstrate the innovative potential of a new piece of hardware. As you can see from this video we shot of Game & Wario at E3 this week, Wario and his friends do a nice job showing off some of the unique ways you can use the Wii U's GamePad controller to play games.… »6/08/12 12:00pm6/08/12 12:00pm

Nintendo Didn't Show This Wario Game, But Maybe it Should Have

The 3DS Excepted, new Nintendo hadware launches over the last decade or so have almost been defined by the Wario games released at or near their launch. Combining quirky mechanics with an almost requirement to play them socially, they do as good a job of any game of making the most of a system's unique capabilities. »6/05/12 3:35pm6/05/12 3:35pm