Wait... Nintendo Was Handing Out Wario Mustaches?

This weekend, Nintendo held Wario Land: Shake It! » 9/29/08 6:30pm 9/29/08 6:30pm competitions at Six Flags near Los Angeles and St. Louis, letting players compete for a "bottomless coin sack" and something something something... hey, why was I not informed that Wario mustaches would be handed out? Was it because of my largely underwhelming review? No …

Wario Land: Shake It! Review: Shakin' To The Core

For Wii owners bemoaning the lack of "core" targeted software coming from Nintendo, there's Wario Land: Shake It! » 9/24/08 4:30pm 9/24/08 4:30pm, an unapologetically old-school 2D platformer starring the anti-Mario on a hunt for treasure. The micron thin plot is a forgettable excuse to guide the gluttonous Wario through five worlds of no-frills…

Wario Land Marketing Shakes Up YouTube

It's a YouTube video, but we can't embed it. Well, I suppose we could, but it would lose most of it's charm if we did. Nintendo has a nifty little piece of marketing up on the video sharing site for their new game Wario Land: Shake It!, which starts off demonstrating the finer parts of controlling the game and then… » 9/23/08 11:20am 9/23/08 11:20am

Wario Invades Six Flags

Still puzzling over Nintendo's cryptic announcement » 9/16/08 11:40am 9/16/08 11:40am from earlier today? Hold on tight, cause they're not even close to done marketing at you. The company has announced that they're teaming up with Six Flags this month to infuse 10 theme parks across the country with Wario-themed frivolity, possibly including being…

Nintendo's E3 Lineup - Oh, So Quiet

Nintendo's E3 presentation last year, dominated by the unveiling of Wii Fit, stirred a fair bit of dissent, as the company looked to be following a gleaming white road away from its hardcore userbase and into the smiling embrace of your Mom. Now that the Wii has demonstrated record-shattering success as a mainstream… » 7/09/08 3:20pm 7/09/08 3:20pm