Has EA Been Caught Stealing Designs From a Tabletop Game?

EA Phenomic's upcoming "social" take on Command & Conquer, Tiberium Alliances, hasn't gathered much good press. Probably because it looks about as enjoyable as punching yourself unconscious. It might be in line for a little more bad press, though, given the similarity between some of its unit designs and those found… »4/12/12 2:30am4/12/12 2:30am

This New Warhammer 40,000 Arcade Shooter Doesn't Seem Very Warhammer-y

When I think Warhammer 40,000 I'm thinking deep strategic battles and hours spent hovering over a table covered with painstakingly painted metal figures; epic wars fought on a grand scale. I definitely don't think fast-paced cooperative arcade shooter. Someone evidently did, however, and that's why there's Warhammer… »6/02/11 12:20pm6/02/11 12:20pm