How the US Marines would invade a beach today

This intense footage shows an amphibious landing exercise performed by the US Marines and South Korea’s Marines at Dogue Beach in Pohang, South Korea. You see the ships swarming from the sea. You see hovercrafts landing on the beach. You see explosions. You’re basically seeing how the US Marines would invade a beach… »10/14/15 5:56pm10/14/15 5:56pm

5000 Men Dressed Up, Recreated The Battle Of Waterloo

On June 18, 1815, one of the most important battles of the modern era took place outside the sleepy Belgian village of Waterloo. Over the weekend, for the battle’s 200th anniversary, 5000 members of various military reenactment groups from all over the world converged on the original battlefield to pay tribute. »6/23/15 7:33pm6/23/15 7:33pm

How Video Games are Helping Returning Soldiers Cope

Like the action movies of the 1980s, mainstream video games view war through a pretty rose-tinted lens. Even when big budget military shooters make an effort with the narrative, war is regularly presented in games as a singular event: 'a war' rather than 'war'; something that parachutes you in for the opening chapter,… »5/20/14 10:40am5/20/14 10:40am