LEGO Doctor Who Is Officially A Real Thing

Back in November I told you we were dangerously close to getting an official LEGO set based on the adventures of everyone's favorite Time Lord. Today LEGO Ideas made it official—we're getting an official Doctor Who set, courtesy of Andy Clark of Firaxis Games. » 2/04/15 1:30pm 2/04/15 1:30pm

Wall.e Restaurant Staffed With Robots Opens in China

Yet another new restaurant with robot servers has opened in China. And the owners seem determined to test Disney's patience with intellectual property laws. Why? The name of the restaurant is apparently Wall.e — just like the cute little robot worker from the 2008 Pixar film. » 12/28/14 11:13am 12/28/14 11:13am

10 Terrible Trailers for Great Movies

Sometimes trailers can be a tad misleading. We've all seen trailers that got us all pumped up for films that turned out to be kind of weak. But the opposite happens too: Sometimes a great movie has a horrible, no-good trailer. Here are 10 amazing movies whose trailers made them look dreadful. » 3/19/14 2:26pm 3/19/14 2:26pm

What Pixar Does To Keep Their Movies From Sucking

While many Pixar films are beloved box office hits, they often don't start out that way. In fact, if you ask Ed Catmull—the president of Disney and Pixar's animation studios—he'd be the first to tell you that Pixar movies "suck"—at least early on. » 3/12/14 5:30pm 3/12/14 5:30pm

I Can't Believe How Human This Wall-E Robot Seems

Mike McMaster did it. He built a Wall-E that is so good, not only is it a working robot, it's also so emotive, looking into its eyes could very well break your heart. Nevermind when it actually says something. Oh, my heart! Ack, how can a trash compacter from a Pixar film be so sweet? » 8/05/13 10:00pm 8/05/13 10:00pm

Wall-E Meets Limbo Is Great For Wallpaper, Not So Great For Smiling

This might be the saddest combination of characters/worlds ever. Thanks, z0h3, for making me go "aww" and then promptly "aww." They were two totally different "aww"s, I swear. » 9/26/12 11:50am 9/26/12 11:50am

Wall-E Case Mod Made Even Cuter With His Cockroach Best Friend

You could practically make a flipbook out of the zillions of pictures (I counted) that track the building process of this adorable case built by a Russian modder.

If you haven't watched Wall-E yet you need to immediately rectify this. If you have, please proceed on to one of the cutest case mods I've ever seen. And… » 4/25/12 3:30pm 4/25/12 3:30pm

PlayStation 3 Bundles Don't Get Any More Precious Than This

If you don't already have a PlayStation 3 and your heart isn't a deep, deep black, consider Best Buy's current offer, featuring one of the better value-added bundles, featuring both Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet and Pixar's Wall-E on Blu-ray. » 6/29/09 7:20pm 6/29/09 7:20pm

WALL-E Gets Arabic Localization, A Middle East First [Updated]

If Arab gamers want to play Western games, they'd have to play them in something other than their native Arabic. That's unfortunate! Well, that's going to change - THQ is localizing multiplatform based-on-the-movie WALL-E game for the Middle East. This is a first! According to THQ export sales manager Luke Keighran: » 7/07/08 9:00am 7/07/08 9:00am

Awwwww, Look At Him: Checking Out Wall-E

Cutest. Robot. Ever. That was the biggest takeaway I got from glimpsing the Wall-E Wii game at THQ's Fall and holiday season preview event today, and as the game is set to launch simultaneously with the movie, I have a feeling that that googly-eyed little guy, whose function is to pick up and compact garbage, will… » 6/05/08 7:20pm 6/05/08 7:20pm

THQ: "Fiscal Year 08 Was A Very Tough Year"

Despite reporting modest revenue growth for its 13th consecutive year, THQ reported a net loss of $35.3 million for the fiscal year ending March 2008. The company's sales totaled $1030.5 million, relatively little change from last year's $1,026.9 sales. » 5/06/08 5:40pm 5/06/08 5:40pm