Fans Take Steins;Gate Audio Drama and Turn It into a Movie

I love the time travel adventure Steins;Gate in all its forms and am always left wanting more. Luckily for me, there are plenty of spin-off games, manga, and light novels out there. There are also several audio dramas—one of which has been turned into an hour-long movie by fans. » 4/11/14 6:00am 4/11/14 6:00am

Steins;Gate: The Kotaku Review

I love time travel stories. They are my favorite type of science fiction. But even in a world with Back to the Future and Star Trek IV, I'd still say the most interesting, complex, and utterly captivating time travel narrative I have ever encountered is the visual novel Steins;Gate. » 4/08/14 6:40am 4/08/14 6:40am

Here's How to Play The Attack on Titan Visual Novels in English

Back in October, we took a look at the seven official Attack on Titan games coming out in Japan. Of these, four are visual novels included on the Japanese Blu-rays. Of course, if you can’t speak Japanese, there’s a good chance you’ll never be able to experience these side stories—until now, that is. » 12/17/13 5:00am 12/17/13 5:00am

Why I am Reluctantly Okay With Cutting the Sex Out Of Visual Novels

Late last month, If My Heart Had Wings, a winner of several visual novel related awards, was released in the United States. This English version of the game has all the sex scenes removed and numerous scenes and lines of dialogue edited to fit a “T for Teen” rating. » 7/26/13 6:20am 7/26/13 6:20am

If My Heart Had Wings: The Kotaku Review

Winner of several visual novel game awards, If My Heart Had Wings is a romance title centering around a high school glider club known as the “Soaring Club.” It is a touching story about loss, love, and passion that grips you right by the soul from beginning to end. » 7/23/13 7:00am 7/23/13 7:00am

Popular Webcomic Megatokyo Is Getting Its Own Game

Megatokyo, the story of two Americans trapped in a hilariously over-the-top portrayal of Japan, is one of the world's most popular webcomics. Now, through the power of Kickstarter, it is making the leap into the land of video games in the form of a visual novel. » 7/09/13 7:40am 7/09/13 7:40am

Song of Saya Has its Own American Comic Book (And It's Not Very Good)

Back in 2003, Saya no Uta — The Song of Saya was released in Japan. It became known as one of the most messed-up games ever released. Earlier this month—nearly a decade after the Japanese release—it got its first official Western release. But that's not the first time that the franchise has reached Western shores. » 5/21/13 7:30am 5/21/13 7:30am

This “Adult 3D Racer” is Neither a Good Racing Game, Nor a Good Visual …

When I heard about Moero Downhill Night Blaze (and its recent Western release), it was described as a Japanese-made "adult 3D racer"—a description that sent my mind reeling. How do you make a game that is both a porn game and a racing game? My mind came up with more than a few "interesting" theories, but I knew that I just … » 1/11/13 6:00am 1/11/13 6:00am

A Game With Fast Cars, Racing Action, and... Hardcore Anime…

Moero Downhill Night Blaze is the latest adult visual novel in the Moero Downhill Night series of street racing-themed games. In most visual novels ("adult" or otherwise), the gameplay is little more than a few major choices set up in a choose-your-own-adventure type story. However, Moero Downhill Night Blaze moves well … » 1/08/13 6:00am 1/08/13 6:00am

How A Visual Novel Made Me Question Morality Systems in Games

Recently, I sat down with School Days HQ » 8/28/12 8:00am 8/28/12 8:00am, a Japanese-made visual novel famous for the juxtaposition of its high school love triangle and shocking, ultra-violent endings. However, upon my completion of the game, I found my ending to be rather mundane—a happy ending like those found in many similar stories.

School Days HQ is a Beautiful, Shocking, Yet Flawed Title

School Days HQ is a visual novel about a highschooler trapped in a love triangle with the girl of his dreams... and the friend who helped him get the girl of his dreams. Recently released in the West in the form of an HD remake, it is one of the most famous visual novels in the past decade. And while there is a lot in … » 8/24/12 8:00am 8/24/12 8:00am

Schoolgirl Presidents, Aliens, and Super Saiyan Panda Fighting!

What if one day you went to sleep and when you woke up your teenaged neighbor was The President and you the vice president? Then what if all fell to you to defend the country from terrorists, a mad Korean dictator, crazed fanboys, and Josef Mengele—while returning everything to normal rested on the shoulders of a mad… » 5/18/12 8:00am 5/18/12 8:00am

That Game About Dating Disabled Girls is Excellent (And You Should…

When I first heard that a visual novel centered around dating girls with physical disabilities was being made, my first thought was "only in Japan." Of course, I was completely wrong. While made in the style of a typical Japanese visual novel—and even based on a Japanese sketch—Katawa Shoujo was created by a group of… » 4/27/12 8:00am 4/27/12 8:00am