Storytelling and Gameplay in Video Games

It's a controversial topic in gaming: should the focus be on improving the "gameplay" aspects of the game or making a story worth telling? You'll hear a different answer from everyone, whether they realize their answer is different or not. I exist as part of the minority of gamers that plays games solely for the story. »5/05/14 10:40am5/05/14 10:40am

Going From Fan to Professional Game Translator and Back Again

A few weeks back, I talked about how fans of Steins;Gate animated one of the audio dramas to make an hour-long extra movie. What I didn’t mention is that the main translator of that project is also one of the main translators of the game’s official release. And how he came to that job is an interesting little story. »5/02/14 7:00am5/02/14 7:00am

Here's How to Play The Attack on Titan Visual Novels in English

Back in October, we took a look at the seven official Attack on Titan games coming out in Japan. Of these, four are visual novels included on the Japanese Blu-rays. Of course, if you can’t speak Japanese, there’s a good chance you’ll never be able to experience these side stories—until now, that is. »12/17/13 5:00am12/17/13 5:00am

Song of Saya Has its Own American Comic Book (And It's Not Very Good)

Back in 2003, Saya no Uta — The Song of Saya was released in Japan. It became known as one of the most messed-up games ever released. Earlier this month—nearly a decade after the Japanese release—it got its first official Western release. But that's not the first time that the franchise has reached Western shores. »5/21/13 7:30am5/21/13 7:30am