We Debate Whether Virtual Reality Really Is Gaming's Next Big Thing

Why is one of these guys not wearing a black shirt and jeans? Who knows! But if you watch that latest episode of GameTrailers' Bonus Round (embedded below), you'll at least find out what Kinda Funny Games' Greg Miller, GameSpot's Danny O'Dwyer, Bonus Round host Geoff Keighley and I think about what virtual reality… » 3/10/15 2:05pm 3/10/15 2:05pm

Get Ready for Oculus Rift to Deliver a "Christian Experience"

While some companies try to cash in with virtual reality porn, others are thinking about saving your soul. Most churches haven't set up outposts in virtual worlds, but some future-focused Christian leaders are already imagining how tech like the Oculus Rift could change what it means to be part of a congregation. » 2/16/15 12:31pm 2/16/15 12:31pm

Worth Reading: When Games Make Us Feel Sad, Disgusted, And Empty

We tend to hyperbolize whatever game comes along and eeks a feeling out of us besides adrenaline because the experiences are few and far between. Journey, The Walking Dead, To The Moon. It's early days for games exploring the emotional spectrum, and I've got two pieces digging deep into this idea from totally… » 2/06/15 2:00pm 2/06/15 2:00pm