Nintendo's Virtual Console Choices Sure Are Strange

Today, Nintendo released the fifth downloadable Wii game for Wii U in North America. It’s not what you might expect—the new release isn’t Mario, nor is it Zelda. It’s Pandora’s Tower, a niche action game published by XSEED and released here for the Wii in 2013, way toward the end of the console’s lifespan. »8/13/15 12:37pm8/13/15 12:37pm

​Nintendo Wants Their Platforms To Be More Like iOS

Nintendo's fighting on two fronts. The first, very real battleground they're waging war on is in retail, where their Wii U home console is struggling to build a user base. The second area of struggle has been in the hearts and minds of observers trying to decide how much faith to put into the company's foresight. The… »2/04/14 4:30pm2/04/14 4:30pm

Don't Hold Your Breath For Pokemon Red or Blue On Virtual Console

Here's a mystery: why aren't the original Pokemon Red and Blue on the virtual console? People love those games, surely they'd throw money at them if they could. But judging from Game Freak's response to whether or not we could expect those games on the VC, people probably shouldn't get their hopes up—they're not… »6/11/13 11:45pm6/11/13 11:45pm