Riddick shows how NOT to resurrect a great antihero

There aren't too many characters like Richard B. Riddick nowadays. He's an old-fashioned sort of anti-hero, whose amoral brutality is tempered by a code of honor. He was great in his first movie, but it turns out that antiheroes have a hard time supporting a franchise. As his new movie, Riddick, sadly proves. »9/06/13 12:34pm9/06/13 12:34pm

New Wheelman Walkthrough Shows Early Mission and Lots of Car Crashing

A few weeks ago our intern Jim got some hands on time »8/22/08 11:00am8/22/08 11:00am with Wheelman, the latest game to feature Vin Diesel. In this video, mission designer Mark Thompson walks us through one of the first missions and what we can expect when the game comes out. The slow motion in car sequence actually looks pretty good. I don't know…