The Dark Souls Art Book (Probably) Won't Try And Kill You

Out in October, and published by the fanservice kings at Udon, Dark Souls: Design Works is a nice big hardcover book that collects a ton of concept and promotional art from the game. » 9/04/13 1:00am 9/04/13 1:00am

Persona 4 Arena: Official Design Works Now Comes In English

Earlier this week, Luke Plunkett celebrated the work of Atlus art director Shigenori Soejima, the man behind eye-catching style of the Persona series. He recommended Soejima's art book, available for shipping in 1-3 months from Amazon — just in time for the English release of Persona 4 Arena: Official Design Works » 4/26/13 8:30am 4/26/13 8:30am

This New Super Street Fighter Graphic Novel from Udon Delivers a Greasy…

If you've seen an incredibly cool piece of Street Fighter » 1/29/13 3:00pm 1/29/13 3:00pm art, chances are it originated from one of the talents at Udon Entertainment. The Canadian artist collective cranks out illustrated works for some of nerddom's most beloved characters and has been making sharp, stylized interpretations of Capcom's premier…

The Most Amazing Collection of Marvel Vs. Capcom Art the World Has Ever…

Just in time for next month's San Diego Comic-Con, UDON presents Marvel vs. Capcom: Official Complete Works, 192 pages of art from every collaboration between the comics company and the Street Fighter people, from the Punisher arcade game to Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. » 6/19/12 9:30am 6/19/12 9:30am

Persona 3: Official Design Works Explores the Artistic Process June 20

Persona 3 owes much of its success to the stunning work of legendary character designer Shigenori Soejima. The fan-favorite artist lends his commentary to 144 pages of character art, concept pieces and design work in Persona 3: Official Design Works, coming June 20 from UDON. » 6/12/12 1:45pm 6/12/12 1:45pm

This Looks Pretty Slick For An Xbox Live Indie Game

Upcoming Alpha Squad doesn't look like your typical Xbox Live indie game. That's for sure! The game features music from Stemage of Metroid Metal fame, art from Genzoman and apparently "hot chicks" that need rescuing. » 8/19/10 8:30am 8/19/10 8:30am

The Art Of Darksiders Debuts At Comic Con

While Darksiders fans won't see a sequel until 2012, that doesn't stop THQ from rolling out the tie-in merchandise, starting with a 288-page art book coming from UDON Entertainment, debuting as a limited hardcover edition at the San Diego Comic-Con. » 6/24/10 6:00pm 6/24/10 6:00pm

Marvel Vs. Capcom Comic Books a "Natural Thing" [Update]

A Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 comic book mini-series is under discussion at both companies, the makers of the Street Fighter comic book series tells Kotaku. » 4/22/10 2:00pm 4/22/10 2:00pm

Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Street Fighters

UDON Entertainment gets down and dirty with every Street Fighter character to ever go a round this June, with the release of the Street Fighter: World Warrior Encyclopedia, with information ranging from fighting styles to favorite foods. » 3/30/10 11:40am 3/30/10 11:40am

Udon Crafts All New Endings For Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom

Capcom continues their love affair with Udon, as the Asian-influenced comic book company announces the creation of new endings for all 26 playable characters in Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. » 1/08/10 3:20pm 1/08/10 3:20pm

Street Fighter II HD's Intro Lived Too Fast And Died Too Young

Much like the game itself, this short clip (by serial SF artists and SFIIHD contributors Udon) strikes the perfect balance between contemporary style and old-school sensibilities. It's just a shame it had to be cut to squeeze the game online. » 11/04/09 6:30am 11/04/09 6:30am

Phoenix Wright Gets UDON Art Book Treatment

How big a following does the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series have? Large enough to spawn a 240-page art book, due out in October from UDON Entertainment. » 8/17/09 10:40am 8/17/09 10:40am

Comic-Con 2009: The Damage So Far

The main problem with sending fans of things anime, comic book, and video game related to a giant anime, comic book, and video game related convention, is the lack of infinite money at our fingertips. » 7/23/09 4:40pm 7/23/09 4:40pm

The Ultimate Street Fighter Art Collection

From the biggest rivalries to the biggest...other rivalries, UDON leaves no facet of Street Fighter history untouched in SF20: The Art of Street Fighter, " the most complete collection of Street Fighter artwork ever." » 7/21/09 1:20pm 7/21/09 1:20pm

UDON Wants Your Darkstalkers Fan Art

UDON is giving Capcom's classic horror fighting franchise the royal treatment with Darkstalkers Tribute, a giant-sized art book celebrating the franchise's history, and your artwork might just make the cut! » 1/12/09 4:20pm 1/12/09 4:20pm

Udon's New Chun-Li Comic Gets Thighs Just Right

Udon Entertainment more than makes up for Kristin Kreuk's lack of thigh meat with their newly announced comic book miniseries Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li. » 12/02/08 10:20am 12/02/08 10:20am

Udon Street Fighter Comics Coming To DVD

Those of you who missed Udon's excellent Street Fighter series in comic book form have another chance to catch the series next February as Eagle One Media and Capcom team up to present a DVD version of the comic in animated form. Street Fighter: Round One - FIGHT!, due out February 9th, just in time for the release… » 9/03/08 2:30pm 9/03/08 2:30pm