Someone's Making a Twisted Metal Flick and I Can't Wait for the Reviews

Let me put this delicately. I don't want to see »2/17/12 8:30pm2/17/12 8:30pm a movie. But I do want to a movie get made. I want to see what happens when the whole thing gets trashed in a review. If it's anything like what happened with the game's review this week, it'll be far more entertaining than whatever garbage Hollywood thinks gamers…

Machine-Gun This Truck from the Comfort of Your Computer Desk on Valentine's Day

Out in the middle of the desert, a remote-controlled M249 Squad Automatic Weapon will unload its magazine into Sweet Tooth's iconic ice cream truck from Twisted Metal, releasing on Tuesday for the PlayStation 3. The trigger will be thousands of spacebars from across the Internet, and the finger on one of them can be… »2/11/12 3:00pm2/11/12 3:00pm

Twisted Metal’s Chopper-Riding Reaper Takes the Spotlight in This New Trailer

There's no getting around the fact that the playable characters of Twisted Metal are pretty much a veritable parade of broken souls. With an apparent deal with the devil lurking in his past, biker-turned-grim-reaper Mr. Grimm may be the most shattered of all the game's automotive combatants. This clip puts his… »12/16/11 4:40pm12/16/11 4:40pm