Pokkén Tournament Even Surprised Tekken's Producer

Pikachu Gets a Speaking Role in Upcoming Pokémon 'Detective' Game

Last week, Japan broadcaster NHK teased an upcoming program featuring a new Pokémon game starring Pikachu. That show has now aired and it shared more on the game, which appears to be a detective-type puzzle game with Pikachu as your partner. And he'll talk. » 10/28/13 4:30pm 10/28/13 4:30pm

Everyone Gets Pokemon X and Y At The Same Time. Here's Why.

As the release date of Pokemon X and Y approaches, this will be the first game in the official series with a (for the most part) simultaneous international release, and those involved hope that by doing so, they'll be able to level the playing field. » 10/03/13 7:00am 10/03/13 7:00am