​A Game That Takes Place After You've Killed Your Own Kid

It's every parent's nightmare: that somehow, some way, your actions wind up causing physical or psychological harm to your child. A new in-development game aims to put players in the repercussions of the death of a boy. A death that's your fault. » 6/18/14 12:30pm 6/18/14 12:30pm

A Dad And His Kids Happily Play Video Games Together. They Have To.

This is an image of a happy family; a father and his two adorable children bonding over a video game. It's a stock photo, of course. Their excitement is fake, their game controllers disconnected. It's cheap theater, but I have to believe that somewhere in the country a genuine version of this scene is playing out — I… » 4/19/14 6:00pm 4/19/14 6:00pm

Father Allegedly Let Son Die While He Played Online Games

Tragic news out of South Korea. A young father allegedly let his two-year-old son die due to negligence. The reason? The father was apparently spending all his time gaming. » 4/14/14 5:40am 4/14/14 5:40am

Asiana Airlines Headline Called “Racist” and “In Bad Taste”

This weekend, tragedy struck. Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed in San Francisco. Over 180 people are injured, and two are dead. Nineteen passengers are still hospitalized, with six still in critical condition. Two thirds of the passengers were Asian, which is why the Chicago Sun-Times's headline is angering some… » 7/08/13 4:00am 7/08/13 4:00am

Mob Blames Mass Effect For School Shooting, Is Embarrassingly Wrong

In the wake of the terrible tragedy in Connecticut, initial reports said the shooter was a 24 year-old named Ryan Lanza. Online, people quickly located a Ryan Lanza on Facebook and searched through his profile to see if there were any "clues" they could pin the shooting on. They found their clues... but the wrong… » 12/15/12 12:00am 12/15/12 12:00am

Middle-Aged Man Dies During Marathon Gaming Session

In Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, a 48 year-old man was found dead this morning at an internet cafe. The man, whose last name was Liu, had been playing for seven hours, when he slumped over at his keyboard. He had paid for a ten-hour block. » 9/03/12 7:45am 9/03/12 7:45am

OK, So, This is a Rather Horrible Story Out of Korea

Straight from Korea, we have a story that seems to meld all the most awful components of video game stories that hit the mainstream media: Gaming addiction, an Internet cafe, a neglectful mother, and a dead baby in a dumpster. » 4/08/12 5:00pm 4/08/12 5:00pm

Dying in an Internet Cafe Is More Terrible Than You Can Imagine

As Kotaku previously reported, a 23-year-old man recently died at a Taiwanese internet cafe. Nine hours later, someone noticed. » 2/06/12 7:00am 2/06/12 7:00am

The Bittersweet Triumph of the Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas Tree

Celebrating 20 years of Sega's blurry blue mascot, this Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas tree from 8BitFix's Beatboxtaun stands as both a monument to video game culture and a reminder of those who won't be with us this holiday season. » 12/22/11 2:20pm 12/22/11 2:20pm

From Erotic Games to Murder Charges

In 1999, a thirty-one year-old voice actress under the name Suzuka Yuna voice one of the lead characters in Japanese erotic computer game Triangle Heart 2. » 8/22/11 2:00am 8/22/11 2:00am

Sitting on Your Ass Playing Halo for 12 Hours: The Silent Killer

Chris Staniforth was standing outside of a jobs center, awaiting an interview, when he dropped a pack of chewing gum. When he reached to pick it up, he began to spasm. In moments, he was dead. » 7/30/11 11:00am 7/30/11 11:00am

Proving Ground Co-Host's Blood-Alcohol Over Legal Limit

As previously posted, Ryan Dunn, the 34-year-old co-host, died in a car crash this week when he lost control of his Porsche 911, killing him and his passenger. According to Reuters, Dunn's blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit. [Reuters] » 6/24/11 8:30am 6/24/11 8:30am

After Murder, There Was Online Gaming

Earlier this month at a supermarket in Japan's Kumamoto, 3-year-old Koko Shimizu went to the restroom while her mother paid for their groceries. Within minutes, the little girl was missing. Her body was discovered 500 meters away inside a large drain near a river. » 3/08/11 2:00am 3/08/11 2:00am

Man Killed At Monster Hunter Stamp Rally

Last Sunday at around midday, 34-year-old Fumiaki Kuranouchi and his friend went to a Monster Hunter "stamp rally" in Tokyo. Before leaving, they rode a roller coaster called the "Spinning Coaster Maihime". Sadly, the ride cost Kuranouchi his life. » 2/03/11 2:00am 2/03/11 2:00am

Heroic Company Of Heroes Dev Lives On In His Daughter

In September Company of Heroes Online lead designer Brian Wood was killed in a car crash. His pregnant wife Erin survived. NBC's Today talks with the widow about how she's keeping Brian's memory alive for her newborn daughter. » 1/18/11 12:20pm 1/18/11 12:20pm

Korean College Student Dies After 12-Hour Gaming Session

There seem to be few gaming stories out of Korea lately that don't involve some sort of fatality. In this case, a 19-year-old college student died after a 12-hour-session with an FPS at an Internet parlor. » 12/29/10 6:00pm 12/29/10 6:00pm

Police Say Man Stole Game Boy From Teen That Died On Christmas [Update]

Seventeen-year-old Bradley David-McCombs Jr. died in a tragic car accident on Christmas Day. On Monday night his family held a viewing at the Rairigh Funeral Home in Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania. That night, someone decided to steal his Game Boy. » 12/29/10 12:20pm 12/29/10 12:20pm

Man Jailed For Life Over Murder Of Xbox-Interrupting Child

Gary Alcock was playing video games in his girlfriend's flat in Oldham, England in January when the woman's 15-month-old daughter interrupted him with her crying. His reaction was swift, brutal, and ultimately deadly. » 11/19/10 11:20am 11/19/10 11:20am

Teen Brags Of Murder Over World Of Warcraft

This past March in British Columbia, two teenage boys — 16 and 18 — raped and killed 18-year-old Kimberly Proctor before mutilating and burning her body under a bridge. When it was over, the 16-year-old told a friend on World of Warcraft what they'd done. » 10/29/10 8:00am 10/29/10 8:00am

Chinese Youth Dies At Boot Camp

The Chinese government has taken swift steps to deal with teenagers that are addicted to online games and the internet. One step has been the creation of boot camps. » 10/01/10 11:40am 10/01/10 11:40am