Imagine Town Spearheads Ubisoft's Online Game Initiative

Imagine Babies? Imagine Doctor? Try Imagine Town, the virtual world based on the successful game series, spearheading Ubisoft's online gaming lineup for fiscal year 2010-11, with Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms, Trackmania 2, and two unannounced titles in the works. » 2/09/10 1:40pm 2/09/10 1:40pm

Ubisoft Buys TrackMania Developers Nadeo

Valve isn't the only developer makes moves to expand this week, as French publisher Ubisoft has acquired Nadeo, the also French developers responsible for the wildly popular TrackMania racing game series. » 10/05/09 4:40pm 10/05/09 4:40pm

Trackmania 2 Announced at Paris Games Festival

Big announcements aren't just for Asia. At Paris Games Festival today, Nadeo's Trackmania 2 was announced. I'm bad on my French, but if this Tweet is to be believed "tm2 sortira en 2010" means it's coming next year. » 9/19/09 6:00pm 9/19/09 6:00pm