Meet The Honda-Thrashing Japanese Schoolgirl Who Dreams Of Being An F1 Driver

If you don’t know 18-year-old Koyama Miki (小山美姫), you’re far from alone, but it’s definitely ignorance you should correct. She’s in the Japanese Formula Four Championships and, like a lot of young racers, she’s gunning for a slot in F1. She’s good enough that Honda just let her thrash an S660 in a brand new commercial.


This Gundam-Themed Toyota Has Its Own Costumed DJ For Auto Shows

Jalopnik East has covered all the developments of the Char Anzable Gundam Toyota Auris promotional concept, to a small production run, and finally to its second and current iteration. It has been profitable for Toyota, so perhaps unsurprising that Toyota is heavily promoting it in animated commercials and going all…

Toyota Uses Power Rangers To Teach Children Traffic Safety In Japan

Each year, Toyota has a special event at its company conference building and at the Shizuoka Prefecture Fuji Speedway to help teach kindergarteners how to behave in a world with cars. This is especially important because starting as elementary school first graders, most will walk to school every day. It has Power…